Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bagging a New Man

Ok so my shopping trip yesterday was somewhat successful, I researched, I liked, I bought. Selfridges had a good range of the Michael Kors bags, not the exact one I had my heart set on from my previous post, but I obviously didn't let that prevent me from finding another match.

I immediately fell in love with a navy number but I was quickly convinced that buying a new wardrobe to match it wasn't the best idea. I tend to concentrate on more neutral shades of jumpers and tops as its a cowardly safe option for me being a brunette, so buying a navy bag would call for some clever wardrobe choices or another shopping spree, which I just don't have the room for!

I clocked the white version of the style I liked, but even though I was originally set on the off-white bag, my friends reinforced my doubts as however much I try I know I'd end up with a biro mark somewhere, usually on my nails!

Anyway, as the only black bag I own in that size is my Guess bag, which has been relegated to a weekend bag as its, quite frankly, massive, I thought I'd be sensible and go with the black. I'm always apprehensive about going against my original decisions, and I thought I was set on the off-white, but I think I've done the right thing. After all, everything goes with black, right?

Here it is, my latest piece of arm candy...

So far, admittedly after only half a day of using it, I'm happy with my choice. The phone pocket is snug, the clasp over the top feels sturdy, the metal feet will save the base from picking up dirt while I'm sipping G&T in the beer gardens this spring, the zip across the large pocket is as satisfying to use as running your nail down the paper around a bar of Galaxy chocolate, and best of all, I even discovered two more hidden pockets when rummaging around for my parking tickets this morning!

Considering this is supposedly a 'cheaper' option for a designer bag, I feel like I've been given more features here than other, more expensive bags offer. I'll be testing out the new man in my life over the next week or so and will report back on the verdict after some experiments. Wish me luck!

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