Thursday, 13 March 2014

Michael Kors

I’ve been hearing more and more people talking about Michael Kors recently with his classy and chic ranges of jewellery, clothes, bags and every other pie he’s got his stylish fingers in. As I get easily side tracked by Pinterest on a daily basis, I thought I’d start by searching for some of his ranges on there and was very impressed by what I saw. Obviously, the bags in particular! From the limited amount I’ve seen so far, he seems to have thought of everything, bringing style and practicality together to suit the modern woman.

This is one of my pet hates, I think I’ve seen the perfect bag and when I look at it closely I start to make excuses for the lack of practicality and justify why I should look past its pitfalls. Like a basic lack of internal pockets or a strap that won’t fit over your favourite coat but hey, you can just wear a jumper that day!

I’m therefore fixated on a particular Michael Kors bag… the Jet Set Travel Tote in medium. It has more internal features than the slightly cheaper version and includes more pockets, a large zipped section for all your valuables as well as having a simple clip lock over the whole bag to still allow you to chuck your mirror back in swiftly after a sneaky look at your make up before you strut into that trendy cafĂ©.

Here's the culprit...

Looking at the bag range, you definitely get a feel for the ‘jet set’ attitude as the name suggests and he has subtly expressed this throughout his designs. I’m certainly picturing some of the styles on the arm of an elegant, prosperous, well groomed lady walking towards her departure gate at the airport (well that’s
my aim anyway!).

So, I’m off to the Bullring in Birmingham with a couple of girlfriends this Saturday and I’ll be taking a seemingly guilt-free ‘research’ trip into Selfridges or House of Fraser… I may come home with my Michael Kors bag and a big smile on my face, don’t say I didn’t warn you.