Wednesday, 26 March 2014

MIchael Kors Jet Set Tote Review, Black

Having bought the gorgeous Michael Kors Jet Set Tote bag over a week now (see the last post for more detail) and I don’t have a bad word to say about it yet. 

We’ve been like Siamese twins joined at the arm since last weekend, going to work, to the supermarket, to restaurants and best of all, on a weekend in Essex, the UK’s very own Orange County. I think what’s most notable about this particular bag is how well it fitted with each one of those occasions. The clean black design is smart for the office and suitable to accompany you to meetings. It complements a jeans combo, instantly transforming it into smart-casual for a pub meal. But you can also fit your bulky yet strangely empty Ted Baker purse (shameless plug) as well as your emergency make-up, umbrella, sunnies, keys, magazines and the rest of your portable life in there for a mini road trip.

Growing up with an overcautious Mother, I’m always conscious of where my bag is while I’m walking through town or when I’m seated browsing the cocktail menu in a busy restaurant. The metal feet gave me more confidence to place it in a snug place between my feet and the chair leg, rather than toying with the idea of keeping the base clean by hanging it on the back of the chair knowing I’d regret my decision if some toe rag were to seize the opportunity.  I’m also more confident when walking around town with the bag over my shoulder as, even though a blind spot is nearly always behind you, I know my purse is safely zipped away and my phone has its choice of 4 pockets to enjoy the ride in style, opting for the one closest to the front and under my protective arm.

We had lunch in Sugar Hut on Sunday (which was amazing) and I donned my dark blue jeans with a white top, navy blazer, a navy and white striped scarf, rose gold jewellery that matched my slightly uncomfortable flats, and I set it off with my new bag. I pieced this outfit together around my navy blazer, not the bag, knowing that I could pop it over the arm of a sweatshirt and it would still bring an element of class.

If you’re the sort of person who changes your bag like you change your underwear and isn’t fazed by the price tag, then this bag will still serve a purpose and can be grabbed in a hurry knowing that it’ll make you look wonderful whatever you’re wearing. Alternatively, I’d strongly suggest you take advantage of the other colours in this case, like the red or blue. This way you can splash out on something a little more unpredictable yet still as fabulous and get good use out of it by switching up your bags with your outfits on a daily basis. However if you’re a bit lazy and tend to use one bag for a week at a time, or you’re after one key designer bag for your wardrobe and spending a little extra is more of an investment, then this particular bag is definitely for you.

You wouldn’t look out of place in a cafĂ© doing lunch with your Mum or, as I alluded to in a previous post, boarding first class with an oversized hat as though you're in a Louis Vuitton ad. And for the price, it has everything you’d expect so ticks all the boxes for me.

If you choose to buy any of these Jet Set Totes they won’t let you down!

Please leave me a comment if you've found this review useful, especially if you're now off to find your nearest MK stockist!

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