Monday, 19 May 2014

City Shopping Trips

I was lucky enough to go on a last minute (booked 2 days before!) day trip to Dublin for a spot of shopping, which meant a flight overseas with no luggage, a slightly weird feeling as though you've forgotten something important! I took one of my bigger bags so I knew I had all my essentials with me for any eventualities the day was going to throw at me, and enough space to bring home some of my new purchases.

So here's what I had with me at all times...

Firstly, my purse - don't forget to change some currency for the day! I took 40 Euros for drinks and snacks but used cards to pay for everything else, which worked well.
A pen 'cause you never know when you'll need one, sunnies (Prada if you're interested), a mini brush as I knew the shopping streets were outside so I'd end up a blustery mess without one, a mirror 'cause you always need a mirror, my cosmetics bag with a little as possible in (don't forget no liquids over 100ml and must be in a clear bag!), an umbrella just in case, and most importantly, my passport!

Mr Kors did a good job too, see my review blog for a full breakdown, but the zipped pocket safely housed my passport and purse, there was plenty of room for the other bits and pieces, and the metal feet did a good job when I had to put him down on the sometimes questionable cafe floors.

Here's the results of my afternoon on Grafton Street...

Top left - neon green necklace from Warehouse, top right - palm and bright coral tops from New Look (loving the Hawaiian tropics look for this summer) and bag from H&M (check back soon for a review blog), bottom left - all from Primark (Penney's in Dublin), bottom right - saw-this-and-thought-of-me from H&M.

As I was actually over there with my other half, who had to disappear for an interview, he carried a case with him small enough to take as carry-on so most of my shopping conveniently ended up in there! Ryanair do allow you one handbag plus one small case on board for free now, so I wouldn't see a problem with taking home one larger carrier bag to squash your shopping in but worth checking first! Failing that, if you're staying over night then make sure you leave enough room in your case on the way out!

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