Friday, 23 May 2014

H&M Gold Straw Clutch

An email popped up last week from H&M, which I always make sure I scan down because I love H&M, and this gold clutch caught my eye straight away. At £7.99, I thought why not? Being the patient type of person I am (just kidding!), I held out until my shopping trip to Dublin a few days later and found the last one on display, a sure sign that I should buy it in my eyes!

The gold straw look is effective, the straw giving it an excuse to be used for more casual lunch dates but also the gold for a night out clutch or a more glamorous holiday look.

The size is perfect for all occasions and is big enough to hold the usuals but still fits snugly in your hand. There's only one pocket inside, but it's zipped, so secure. I think with the material and lid being quite rigid, it's hard to fill the bag because if the magnetic clasp doesn't reach there's no give in it. But unless you're like my sister who has to carry everything including the kitchen sink (maybe because the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired sometimes!), then you wouldn't be trying to fit too much in anyway, so not really a problem.

So anyway, I love this bag and I'd recommend it as a must-have clutch this season. It looks fab with brights and tropical prints, the gold gives a touch of the classy safari look mixed with greens, or finishes off a nautical or white outfit nicely, blending in perfectly around the marina with some gold sandals to match. I can't wait for my next holiday to start getting some good use out this great purchase!

Here it is - go bag yourself one while they're still there!

If you found my review useful, or even better, you're heading out the door to your nearest H&M to buy one, please leave me a comment to say so.

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Anonymous said...

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