Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ted Baker Cross Body Bag

Having browsed the usual favourites, Zara, H&M etc., I headed for House of Fraser just to walk through to the car park but veered off course slightly as the word 'sale' caught my eye, swaying in the air conditioning above the bag section.

I have to say, I'm not usually a big Ted Baker bag fan as I prefer a matte effect rather than the patent look that most of their bags have. So I was struck by this simple cross body bag hanging up for half price (yes, half price!) and had a nosey. The metal bar on the front was scratched so I asked the assistant whether there was another in stock and she brought out another, equally as scratched. She advised that ordering online is best as they arrive wrapped in their original tissue paper and dust bag so will be pristine for me; I did just that and collected it in store the day after for free.

I love the simplicity of it and the leather feels and smells exactly as you'd want it to. The rose gold metal, mixed with the subtle mention of the brand name engraved into it, gives it a classier look and matches perfectly with the shade of brown/fawn leather. I try to steer away from browns and neutral shades, but I can't help it, it goes with so many outfits!

The shortest length of the strap thrown over one shoulder lets the bag fall over your hip, but the best part about it is you can adjust the strap to three different lengths, not with the standard buckle which can sometimes be a bit ugly on simple bags, but with the hook/clip contraption at each end. Unhook one side and let it slide up into the higher clip for a mid-length, or unhook both sides to release it to its longest length, which allows the bag to hang just below your hip or sat on your hip if worn across the body. Absolutely love this feature!

The front has a magnetic close, which clicks into place easily, but watch the flap when you open it as the metal bar makes it slightly heavy and could scratch your dining table, or even worse, the bag! Inside it features a hot pink, sturdy, zipped pocket the width of the bag, and two open pockets (tops lined with leather) on the opposite side. Downside to those - neither fit an iPhone in! And of course, the whole bag is lined with the cute little Ted Baker French Bulldogs to welcome you every time you look inside.

I do love the look of this bag, and it fits most things inside like my Ted Baker purse, phone, brush, mirror, you know, the usual. But I'm afraid to say there are a few negatives on this occasion.

The metal scratched so easily that you have to be extra careful (I'd thoroughly recommend buying one online to ensure its kept in it's packaging), the strap is quite rigid at first so the bag doesn't necessarily hang naturally unless you've stuffed it to weigh it down, and the open pockets inside don't fit an iPhone in them so you either risk pulling it out when you pull your purse out and chucking it across the store, or keep it in the zipped pocket. The other thing is the price - It's real leather so you're definitely buying quality here, there's no doubt it'll last, if not a bit scratched as it does so very easily (as you can see in the photos). Up to you whether you want to pay £159, I paid £79 which I'm more than happy with. I mean look at it, sleek, soft and stylish all in one!

If you're not too keen on spending a bit more, but you love this style, then here's an option below from Dorothy Perkins in stores at the moment. It comes in tan, light blue, cream, pink, and even zebra and snakeskin. These are all only £12 so a good choice if you want to swap bags frequently.

If you found my review useful and you're off to the Ted Baker website as we speak, please leave me a comment!

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