Thursday, 5 June 2014

H&M Gold Straw Beach Bag

So I made it back from the Benidorm hen weekend in one piece having had an eventful few days as Maid of Honour and organiser of the girlie trip. Unfortunately we didn't get as much sun as we'd hoped so I didn't get that much use out of my new beach bag, but I managed to get the gist of it on our brief beach visit.

Having already bought the gold clutch from H&M, review here, I knew I loved the fabric and I knew the colour would match a whole range of outfits, so I chose this as my one beach bag to accompany me.

The fabric isn't anywhere near as rigid as the clutch so its easy to fit in your case, and even though I had to bend the handles a little to get it in, they bounced back into shape when I got it out at the other end. Inside, it has two pockets side by side, conveniently phone-sized, but there's no zipped pockets. I think I'd miss this as I usually like to have a larger, secure pockets to be able to keep a few things separate from my sandy towel. The bag does have a zip right across the top, which is definitely useful in somewhere like Benidorm as the inside pockets are fairly high up and you could find yourself phoneless pretty easily!

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this as a beach bag and you can buy it here. Its only £14.99 and it fits so well with holiday outfits like tropical prints, monochromes and brights. So have fun mixing and matching and make sure you have an amazing holiday wherever you're going!

If you've found this useful, please leave me a comment and share before you run off to H&M to grab your bag.


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