Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Primark Tan Bucket Bag

I found this Primark bucket bag last week after keeping my eyes peeled for a suitable bag to take to V and wasting quite a lot of time wondering around the shopping centre. It fits the bill perfectly - I have an eternal love for tan bags, it completes the festival look perfectly, fitted in my water, rain coat, toilet paper and hand sanitiser, was secure enough to hide my phone and money away, and it was cheap!

So I'm no longer a V virgin after last weekend, and I'm definitely going back next year! (Don't forget you can buy tickets for 2015 at this year's prices on 20th August but only for a limited time.) Considering it was only £8, I can see this lasting me a while until next year's V trip too! It withstood jumping around like a lunatic to Tinie Tempah and lots of wiggling to Jason Derulo... whereas my friend's bag strap snapped which was bought from another very well known high street shop and would definitely have cost a few times more than this! 

I did only buy this to use once, as, if you haven't already guessed by now, I tend to impulse buy and only use bags once or twice then forget about them under a pile of other bags. But I think I'll be using this again; I like the size, not only because of how much you can fit inside, but the way it looks over your arm as its not too big and imposing, and of course the colour is great with so many outfits. The feet underneath come in handy but the bottom easily bows as its not that rigid, the drawstring is quite secure and doesn't tend to work its way open even if the bag's full, and the clasp over the top just adds that bit of security making sure your belongings aren't on show.

Some V Festival outfit options before I went for what I wore above...

Above: New Look crochet top (equivalents here) and denim shorts,
Dorothy Perkins jacket (old) 

Above: F&F checked shirt (old), Primark vest top, New Look denim shorts

Above: F&F top, New Look hoodie (old) and denim shorts 

All in all, a 'well done' to Primark, you've done it again!

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