Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Autumn Wishlist

So summer didn't really happen for us this year... the usual few days of heat and a few of sunshine, but the milder weather has well and truly set in, just ask my blue toes. Brrr.

I saw a few key pieces in shops weeks ago but made a stand not to buy a new coat in August, its just not right! However, now its September, so I'm on the case.

Here's my wishlist for this Autumn...

From top left to right:

New Look, CreamChevron Tassel Hem Blanket Wrap, £24.99
I love these blanket wraps that seem to be everywhere at the moment, they're so cosy! And just the word 'blanket' makes you feel like you're being allowed to go out in public wearing the throw you're usually hiding under on the sofa. Perfect for Autumn as they're not too much and not too little, can be worn over short or long sleeves, and just start to introduce that winter pattern into your wardrobe without going full on snowflake. I'll definitely be buying this.

Michael Kors, Jet Set Houndstooth Travel Tote,£195 (currently on for £169)

This bag is just gorgeous, so individual but a pattern that seems to be timeless. Bringing that touch of class into it as usual, MK has done it again with this handbag, I was fighting my obsession when the sale started at 7am today and haven't yet bought this...

I've been after a nice grey bag for a while now, I think these Kurt Geiger bags are a little like the Michael Kors totes I love so much. Classy and a great colour for Autumn.

Such a gorgeous colour in the same style as the grey, and a nice alternative to buying a bright red bag like I've been considering for months. Again, a perfect colour to match those falling Autumn leaves that will be coming all too soon. Seriously considering this one.

H&M, Metallic Skirt, £19.99

This skirt caught my eye on today's email from H&M, the shimmery texture, the colour, the shape, it all seems right for Autumn. As on the model, it doesn't have to be 'dressy' because of the texture, this could so easily be worn as a casual number during the next few months. That's if I'm brave enough to get my legs out.

I actually wanted a jumper like this a few months ago when I saw one of my clients wearing something similar and I trawled the internet in search of what I wanted with no real luck. This is it though, perfect warmth for Autumn, not to much but good enough to stop me from shivering! There's a brown version also but I think the black/grey mix works so well and could be styled with a lot more. Definitely buying this one. 

The arrangements of gorgeous coats caught my eye when I was recently in the Birmingham New Street Oasis store and decided to wait until I'd received my £50 voucher that I won in one of their competitions before I started trying any on. Well, its arrived, so I'm going back to have a closer look! High up on my wishlist.
Do let me know if you've already purchased any of these and give me the low-down, I'd love to hear from you! And don't forget to follow me where you can.

Happy Autumn shopping!