Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Leah Lerner Leather Clutch

Having left the heat of Tenerife, arrived back in rainy England, and driven the 3 hours home after getting completely lost, you can imagine how pleased I was to find that my lovely leather Leah Lerner clutch bag had arrived.

Originally being from Minnesota, studying in New York, and moving to Tel Aviv, you get a real feeling that Leah’s designs have been influenced by her experiences in the different cultures, with an underlying theme of simplicity and quality. 

The leather smells exactly as you’d hope, scrumptious, and it feels soft and malleable yet hard wearing too. I love the colour of this bag, the peachy tone is a really nice mid-way for Spring/Summer as well as Autumn/Winter and I don’t think it’s a colour you often see in a clutch bag. I also think the colour as well as the material lends itself to being a day-to-night kind of bag and something you can take to lunch as well as to a swanky restaurant in the evening. It’s a perfect size, not too big that it can’t sit neatly in your grasp but not too small that you can’t fit all your essentials inside. 

(Above photo: Oasis coat, Warehouse scarf)

Leah has kindly embossed her name on one side of the bag and, giving myself the label of ‘Representative for the Midlands’, I’m eagerly awaiting someone to ask me where it’s from and how to find their own.

Here’s how...

The website is currently having a face lift, so in the meantime you can get your hands on the whole range at Etsy...

And follow Leah Lerner on…

I love this clutch, and I honestly love so many of the others on the site. The range is impressive, with what I think is something for everyone, from your more casual totes to patterned or metallic clutches, and even cute purses to accompany them. Perfect if you’re stuck for a Christmas gift, and even better news… there’s now a sale on!

So get yourself over to Etsy and have a gander – I’d be really grateful if you could let me know which are your favourites and whether you gave in to temptation!

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