Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blue Vanilla Wishlist (

Whilst doing my usual virtual window shopping, I came across, a British fashion website selling quite a few things that are right up my street.

So here's my wishlist...

The 'Two Pocket Buttoned Oversized Cape', in black and grey, £35
This is my favourite - I love oversized cardigans and this one seems to tick all the boxes. 

Left: 'Cream Jumper with Chunky Zip', £22
Right: 'Alexandra Zig Zag Panel Top', £18
I love both of these for a more casual day. The cream jumper for a quick cuppa round the 'rents, and the zig zag top for shopping or a bite to eat at lunch. This could also be dressed up slightly for work wear - definitely hovering over 'add to shopping bag' on this one.

Left: 'Camilla Cream Burnout Sparkle Jumper', £25
Right: 'Lilith Ditsy Baroque Wallpaper Pocket Joggers', in black, £18
Two more casual items, but both able to be dressed up if necessary. The top is just a little different, which is always nice. The joggers are another item about to go into my basket as I'd love these to wear on holidays, whether city breaks or nice hot weeks in the sun.

And the 'Cass Bubble Hem Wrap Metal Cuff Top', £24
I was mainly attracted to this by the metal cuffs, making it stand out more than your average white top. Perfect for a dinner (maybe not spaghetti bolognese!) or a few cocktails.

It's all over on their site so take a look at what they have to offer. Why not have a look at the sale too, but I warn you, I take no responsibility for the lack of control you may experience...!


Bridge of Memories said...

love that cape, looks great :)

Alabama Wallpaper Hanging said...

Loved reading thhis thanks