So, where do I start? My name’s Becki and I have a bag problem. I’d consider myself to be a pretty normal girl who has a healthy obsession with an everyday item!

I found my passion in my teenage years and unintentionally started ‘collecting’ bags of all different shapes and sizes, some of which I’m slightly embarrassed about like my baby blue Puma handbag I bought in LA that was all of about 15cm wide so had no use whatsoever. But hey, you live and learn.

Some friends and I held a car boot sale a few years back where I vowed to offload some of my collection; at that point my bag count was into the 80s and I had run out of room in my designated ‘bag wardrobe’, so needs must. Of course I sold a lot of them (surprisingly not the blue Puma bag), but I also managed to buy a few from my friend whose stall was beside mine, unquestionably justified by the fact that I’d spent less than £1 on them.

So you see, its safe to say that I am slightly infatuated with the things. I’m not fussy and I’ll buy literally any of themfrom Primark to Louis Vuitton, so I thought I’d create another use for my bags and share my views on the ones I already own, desperately want to own, and my newest purchases, with some useful tips along the way.

Don't hesitate to get in contact, I'm very friendly!

Hope you enjoy!

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